Sully The Bully

Sully The Bully 1.0

Sully The Bully is a slot card type of game, with every round you can win money
1.0 (See all)

Ahhh, the school bully. Everyone had one growing up. You’d spend your days trying to avoid them, but sooner or later they’d be taking your lunch money or locking you in your locker. Well here comes Sully! He’s the one bully you’ll be happy to see! When Sully appears on the reels, he’ll search for kids to bully. If he finds any, he’ll pick them up and toss them around the reels, creating Wilds all over the place! In the Bonus Round, search the lockers to try to free the kids Sully has locked up. If you free all the kids, you’ll get a multiplier for HUGE winnings! If you want your pockets to be full-y, you’ll love Sully!

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